Academic Services

Today’s students are tomorrow’s political, business and community leaders, and they need to be exposed to a wider range of learning experiences.

We see our student leadership programs as a chance to help guide a generation of future leaders who are socially responsible citizens. In order to promote responsible leadership on campus, we have been working with academic institutions and students to develop their interests in sustainability, CSR and social entrepreneurship.

We have developed a portfolio approach where we not only look to drive academic learning in the class room, but leverage practical experiences that will provide students the ability to act through workshops, case competitions, project partnerships and internships.

Our Services

Executive Education

Working with executive leadership departments to increase the ability of executives to develop strategy and tactics for mission critical issues of sustainability.

Course Development

Working with universities at the undergraduate and graduate level to expose the student body to issues of sustainability, CSR and social entrepreneurship.

Project Development

Developing students to form project partnerships in areas of social, environmental or economic sustainability.

  • Creating CSR and sustainability strategies for multinational firms
  • Developing new products.
  • Improving an existing product design or production process.

Events & Workshops

Bringing together groups of leaders from the corporate, academic, non-profit and government sectors in a format that fosters long-term collaborations on tangible issues.

Our Recent Programs

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