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At Collective Responsibility, we assist our clients to look through the lens of sustainability to understand the possibilities that lie in front of them. For many, these possibilities often are seen at first as areas of risk, but through our process, we look to help identify the areas of opportunity. Opportunity to bring solutions to the market that address the very real and tangible issues that are faced by billions daily.

We believe that in order to develop something truly sustainable and with a long-term impact, we must engage multiple stakeholders into a platform, in such a way that maximum collective benefit can be achieved.

Unlike traditional consulting firms, we develop these platforms with the same tools, capacity and relationships with the aim to assist others in building their own resources. This is in the hopes that they will in turn, create programs that are stable, scalable and sustainable.

We understand that long-term issues will be solved with long-term programs, and this drives everything we do at Collective Responsibility when we work with:

Recent Engagements

Workshop: REvisioning 2025
Workshop: REvisioning 2025 Constraints and opportunities for 2025
 Executive Leadership Program
Executive Leadership Program Sustainability, Social Media, and Reputation
 MBA Case Competition
MBA Case Competition MBA Students Solve Business Challenges
 Social Innovation MOOC
Social Innovation MOOC Rewiring the Business Planning Process
Advisory: Stakeholder Survey
Advisory: Stakeholder Survey Creating Tangible and Valued Engagements
Advisory: Business Model Redesign
Advisory: Business Model Redesign Redesigning the Incubation Model